All Courses

The process is very simple. First, you request a free trial consultation for any course you want to learn. This consultation is your opportunity to discuss and confirm your specific goals and targets. Essentially, what you want to achieve from your course with e-learning. Our teacher will then make suggestions and highlight the ways in which these aims will be achieved.

After taking the consultation, you can join that specific course. You can also join any of our courses without taking consultation.

Customized Courses

Customized courses can be designed for students who have already some knowledge about a specific topics from a full course . For these students it is not necessary to take the whole course. Consult with our administrator and/or teacher to know how many lessons you need in your topic . Before booking a customized course you have to make sure that you consult with your teacher or administrator before you make a booking. Your teacher or administrator will advice you the quantity of hours you need to book . For further information contact the administration.

Trial Lessons

Request a trial consultation for any of our courses with our qualified instructor. You need to book a consultation from our trial courses by filling all information . In our trial courses field, you can find all our courses and you can choose any of them for consultation on your demand.

You need to select the appropriate time and date for taking the consultation. You can find all of them in the button below. For more information please contact our support team.